Web design and development has changed a lot from when it began. Back in 1996, Flash was a development tool utilized by web developers and designers. Unfortunately, Flash has become obsolete and others have taken its place.


There was a time when PHP along with MySQL was at the forefront of back-end web development. But, this has changed over a few years as nothing in web design and development, is not guaranteed. Today Python and MongoDB are more popular among web developers and designers. JavaScript also deserves an honorable mention. A lot of websites based on JS frameworks.


HTML and CSS build static web pages. JavaScript is necessary for every site. All the graphics, photo slideshows, etc., are thanks to JavaScript.


It is an open-source editor for web design and development. It is very easy to use, and developer tools aid in its simplicity. Atom is free to download. You can add more features via coding.  Furthermore, the Atom’s user interface can is adjustable and ‘customizable’.

Google Web Designer

It to create interactive content in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. It is for building ads. It incorporates a convenient library of extra components. These are; images, videos, and other advertising tools.
It is free for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Advanced users can toggle between the default view and code view. This is why the tool can support many advanced features besides ads once you’re well-versed in it.


WordPress is the leader of the Content Management System. Web developers use it to make, publish and manage digital content online. It is a back-end software in web design and development.
It is user-friendly. For this reason, the WordPress CMS is a widely used for building sites. You can create a WordPress page templates and site features.


This web design tool is less than 60MB and very user-friendly. Although the main focus is HTML, Bluefish supports a wide range of languages. They are; Java, JavaScript, XML, CSS, SQL, and PHP.  It also comes with a search feature that makes for finding text across many projects easy.

Adobe Dreamweaver

It permits you to code website design regardless of your coding knowledge. Because it uses HTML editing, the software is easy to learn. Dreamweaver is available as a part of Adobe’s mid-range packaged application subscription. It permits you to create a receptive design. If you are an advanced user, please take note that Dreamweaver provides multi-monitor support for Windows. It also supports the (CEF) to work with HTML5 elements and CSS grids.
Web design and development continues to evolve with every new application and evolution of language. It is important to stay current with the IT world.