Our Approach

Listen, advise, adjust and create

At Xanda we understand the Internet but before we get started we take the time to understand your business and your customers. Only then we can get to work on designing and building a website that will be able connect both of you together.

Xanda specialise in website design and bespoke development. We’ve been getting better at it every year since 1999 and we believe that providing an effective service is about listening to our customers and understanding their business. Only once this foundation is in place can we begin to discuss, design, advise and then ultimately build a website that will operate correctly and effectively.

We also understand the importance of our client’s customers. By taking the time to fully understand the customers and audience of a website we can attempt to connect them with the main objectives of the business. Via clear, relevant and intuitive users experiences we can help to develop a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationships between our clients and their customers.

Successful websites need to look right, be built well, hosted professionally and securely, be effectively promoted and well supported. Xanda provide all these services under one roof and although we have separate teams responsible for each separate task we can take full responsibility to ensure that everything works together in perfect harmony.

It all begins with a hello

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