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Launching The Web .Works

We are excited to launch our new nationwide advertising campaign for “The Web .Works” on talkSPORT radio in early 2015, promising to help businesses improve their websites and offering free website health checks.

Xanda the web design agency where the Web Works

Strength in experience and numbers

At Xanda we believe we have the team, the experience the skills and the resources to grow into the biggest website design company in the UK. Our next step towards realising this ambition is the launch in early 2015 of our nationwide radio campaign on talkSPORT. We are using the campaign to launch our new trading slogan “The Web (dot) .Works”.

There is a reason why in the UK you do not hear or see many mainstream advertisements for web design companies and it is that websites can take weeks or months to build and because most web design agencies are small they do not have the capacity or resources to cope with more than a few projects at time. At Xanda we have the resources to not only cope but to deliver a more comprehensive set of services at the increasingly higher standards we set ourselves year after year.

We have a demonstrable record of success, we have hundreds of clients on the first page of Google generating millions of pounds in revenues every month. We also have a first name basis customer relationship philosophy that means we create real human relationships with our clients. This is something we feel is of paramount importance in a world of automated machines and faceless organisations.

If we can be of service to you why not give us a call and see if we can help provide the IT services you need in a way that perhaps that you didn’t think existed any more.

Listen to our advert here.

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