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Your website’s hosting is the physical server connected to the Internet where your website is installed. The better the quality of this server’s hardware alongside the speed of its internet connection the faster your website will be for your customers. Other important considerations are security and backup services.

Xanda offer a range of website hosting services and best match them to the requirements of our clients.

We purchase high end dedicated servers from the best data centres in the world costing tens of thousands of pounds per year and can offer our clients space on them for only a few pounds per month. This gives them a fast, top quality website hosting services at an entry level price and is a service we offer given the large number of websites we host.

Xanda also offer Cloud based website hosting options where virtual servers can be created from massive Cloud based data farms. This new technology gives us the flexibility to increase server resources easily without having to change hardware.

Installing the appropriate hosting service for a website can be a complicated procedure. Xanda will, as standard, select, configure and support your website’s hosting as part of our standard annual maintenance packages.

Our hosting and maintenance packages include all the key server and support services you require to operate your website. The term of the service will commence upon the launch of your first live site preview. The Xanda servers are preconfigured with our tried and tested configuration which enables the rapid deployment of our websites. Our servers are fully managed, of high end specification and are comprehensively supported. Our website hosting and maintenance services include:

  • All required web space and bandwidth
  • All required site licenses
  • Technical support on the CMS
  • Main domain management and costs
  • Regular site backups
  • Server maintenance
  • Regular search engine submissions

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