Site and data migration

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There are many reasons why customer’s need to migrate their site to new servers. For example, the software or hardware on the server hosting the site becomes out of date and needs to be retired. Or you swap your hosting or website provider and need to transfer the data.

Site and data migration can be tricky, given the files, uploads and databases associated with modern websites. Often customer’s are unaware of their DNS provider or domain registrar, and the jargon and number of parties involved can often be confusing.

Sometimes, website’s need to be transferred in a hurry, or rescued due to a breakdown in relationship with an existing website or hosting partner. We’ll quickly establish the facts as to who is control of which aspect of your site and liaise with them on your behalf to bring them under your control to facilitate the site and data migration you require.

To make the process simpler going forward, we can bring your domain, email, DNS, hosting and support all under one roof with Xanda, leaving you with just contact to manage your entire online assets. This change can be completed at the same time as the site and data migration process.

The first stage will be detailed planning with our digital consultants. We’ll gather as much detail from you as possible, and fill in the gaps by checking your domain and email details online to ensure these are either moved or left as required, with no loss of email service during the time. We’ll then start to prepare for the migration itself, setting domain and DNS to be ready to switch over within 5 minutes worldwide. During this time, the site will be moved and tested on the new server, whilst the existing site remains live. Our site and data migration team will test this with you privately, and once you’re happy to move, we’ll schedule the migration and confirm everything has migrated over.


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