Security patches

Helping ensure your and your customers security

The national press is full of high-profile hacks and leaks where website security has been breached and private data leaked. With more and more value and customer data being held online, websites are seen as a viable target to access private data for sale or malicious purposes.

Private data is given up by customers to so many different websites these days, however in return they expect companies and their websites to keep that data safe. As technology continues to evolve, and with increasing value being put on customer data, security patches are key to ensure that websites, plugins and the servers they run on are kept up to date, safe and secure.

We’re all familiar with our computers, phones and consoles needing regular updates to protect us, and the same is true for websites. With the advent of content management systems, websites now have intelligent administration terminals and databases of customer information kept online.

Regular server, CMS and plugin security patches

We take security patches seriously, and work with our data centres, CMS and other software providers to keep up to date with the latest vulnerability discoveries. We’ll also keep you up to date of the latest advise and best practices, and lock down access where these have not been met for your security.

Our systems have security checks in place as standard, helping to prevent unauthorised access to backend systems, or malicious attempts to gain access to database or other sensitive information. We monitor the market and web industry to respond rapidly to emerging security threats and best practices, and where this requires process or mindset changes for you, we’ll let you know and guide you through the process.

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