Social Networks

Social Networks are now a fundamental way to drive traffic to your website. With consumers and corporations alike now all using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and others, a visitor who likes your content can now instantly post the page on their social networks, getting your content to their entire network instantly. Anyone who follows or likes the visitor’s social network accounts can then repost the link on to their networks.

Spreading your message on Social networks follows idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away from any other person, so messages and links on social networks can rapidly spread over all over the world very quickly. You place the first “seed” message on your website, you tweet about it, add it to Facebook and add a story on LinkedIn. People that follow and are linked to you, then see the story. Those that find in interesting can then like and retweet these, displaying it to their followers. This cycle continues, entirely without any effort from you.

Our clients have seen a massive increase in traffic coming to their sites once they connect with social networks, and our social network management team can help you to create your own profiles, whilst our website team integrate social networks directly within to the content of your website.

For more information, contact us to see how social networks can help promote your business.

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