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The social net works

Social Networks are now a fundamental way to drive traffic to your website. With consumers and corporations alike now all using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others, a visitor who likes your content can now instantly post the page on their social networks, getting your content to their entire network instantly. Anyone who follows or likes the visitor’s social network accounts can then repost the link on to their networks.

Our clients have seen a massive increase in traffic coming to their sites once they connect with social networks, and our social network management team can help you to create your own profiles, whilst our website team integrate social networks directly within to the content of your website.

Social media management is now as important as search engine optimisation for websites. Every new website should consider Social media management, incorporating the following key points to best use these social media channels:

  • Choose a good name for your social network page
  • Create the correct type of page
  • Customise your social network page to be in-line with your corporate branding
  • Link your channels together
  • Integrate your social network pages with your own website (show your tweets on your home page)
  • Encourage your own site visitors to follow you on your social networks
  • Have share this links on every page of your own website to encourage visitors to like or share the page they are on with their friends and colleagues on their own social network pages
  • Engage with your social networks with business related discussions
  • Be interesting and responsive
  • Do not hard-sell
  • Regularly update your sites but do not over do it

Xanda offer Social media management services to all our clients. We can assist with:

  • The creation and customisation of the social media pages
  • The integration with your website
  • The connection of accounts
  • Training of how and the best way to post updates
  • The day to day management of the channels
  • Advice on how and when to update
  • Creation of events, invitations, competitions etc.

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