Web services integration (API)

Application Programming Interface

APIs allow different software systems to talk to each other, automating processes that were once only achievable by long and often laborious manual tasks, eliminating human error and massively increasing the speed of these tasks.

The chances are you work with a number of organisations that help you to power your company. For example you might have external market data providers, card payment processors, third party logistics teams and accountancy software each providing you with a separate application. Web services integration allows these systems to work together.

As part of our review of your business what we start to talk about websites and applications, we’ll identify who you work with, and most importantly how we can integrate their software systems and automate existing manual processes. Why should you take orders online only to print out the sales values and manually enter them into an accountancy package? Why would you re-enter customer addresses to your logistics software to arrange delivery of your products? We’ll build a digital hub into your website, to connect your various systems together where they are available.

Using an API (tech talk for the ability to for different software systems to talk to each other) we’ll use web services integration to connect the systems regardless of the language, be it SOAP, REST, XML, JSON, CURL… the list goes on. We’ve even built websites for clients that have no backend of their own at all, and run completely from the data provided by third parties.

Our view is that, in creating a new digital online strategy, your processes should be digitised and automated where entirely possible. It can free up so many resources, allowing you and your business to focus on finding and looking after customers rather than day to day tedious and repetitive processes. It also removes a huge issue that most businesses face from time to time, human error. Through APIs and web services, you know that all your services and systems are in perfect sync, with data flowing from online ordering, to logistics to accounts to payroll.

We’ve worked with a huge number of software providers and solutions through the years, so if your current system is holding you back, we’ll advise on alternatives to fully automate these processes through APIs and web services integration.

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