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Xanda have been creating cloud based HTML5 web apps using our Java server technology for over 10 years. Using this technology to underpin a web app, Xanda can rapidly create a web app that runs seamlessly across all iOS, Android or BlackBerry devices, as well as traditional desktop and laptop browsers. Users are able to log into an web app using one device, log out, and then pick up again on any other web enabled device.

As with all web apps and cloud technologies, the client data is stored securely and regularly backed up in the cloud, leaving the client without the need for expensive back office servers and costly maintenance. With our new HTML5 web app technologies, services which were once not viable on smartphones or tablets, are now available including video streaming, animation and complex graphing solutions.

We can even use the power of HTML web apps to create native apps on the various mobile device platforms that can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Microsoft Store. This gives your app a familiar and recognised way to find, download and install the app, with the customer’s knowing that these are genuine and approved apps.

This web app technology allows us to create apps over multiple devices from the same codebase – massively reducting development costs and times.

For more information or to discuss your web app requirements, contact Xanda on 0208 4444 757.

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