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We’re dedicated to helping our clients grow through their websites with SEO to open up their services and products to larger audiences as well as e-commerce to generate online sales revenue streams.

We know that as companies grow and seek to expand, moving into new territories always at the forefront of an organisation’s plans. To assist our clients, we have developed multi-language websites modules to allow our websites to display the same site in multiple languages. Through IP geolocation, we can also identify where a user is visiting from, automatically displaying the relevant language straight away.

By building these modules on our WordPress platforms, our clients have a clear and easy terminal to manage multiple languages at the same time, saving training and development by combining multiple language websites into a single, smart site.

There are a number of different options to integrate multi-language websites modules, with a trade off between cost of solution and accuracy of translation. We’re used to installing Google Translate into multi-language websites, offering an instant solution without need for manual translations, but we recognise that some customers need a far more accurate translation option for their multi-language websites.

When required, we’ll build in system translation services into the back end of the website, to allow customers to manually translate every bit of text within the website. Using third party human translation and with some additional administration to keep each page in multiple languages, customers can guarantee the accuracy of the message being delivered to their customers.

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