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As part of our commitment to creating effective digital strategies for our clients, Xanda have created an iOS development team for iPad apps and iPhone apps who work closely alongside our Java Cloud development programming team. Using our 10 years of experience in creating online and secure cloud systems, our iOS development team are able to tap into our Java server technologies, to place company data and processes into the palm of your hand through apps on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices.

Our team have created private systems for companies as well as systems available through the Apple iPad and iPhone App Store. In our latest iOS project, we worked with a client to completely digitise and automate their business, phasing out previous paper and manual processes into a fully integrate iPad app. Not only has this had the effect of streamlining their business in an ever increasingly competitive market, but also slashed turnaround times from weeks to hours.

Using our iPhone app and iPad app technology, tablets and smartphones work natively to connect to our Java cloud systems, whilst offering user without these devices direct access via our more traditional web app based interfaces to our cloud systems.

Our iPhone apps and iPad apps can also work with third party applications, writing specialist connectors and interpreters to integrate disparate systems into a single, easy to manage and instantly updatable software ecosystem.

For further information or to arrange a demonstration of how our iPhone and iPad apps and cloud services can help streamline your business, contact our sales team on 0208 4444 757.

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