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Manage your site via desktop, tablet or SmartPhone

In today’s online environment, an out of date website is as good as no site at all.

Online users expect corporate websites to reflect the organisation they represent. If your latest news section displays articles published six months ago or your latest special offers have already expired, your potential new customers will be unimpressed and search engines like Google will know your content is stale.

The latest generation of Xanda sites are built upon our own customised version of the open source WordPress CMS. The benefits of content management CMS system include:

  • Easy to use content management CMS system tools from tablet, Smartphone and desktop
  • Simple YouTube and Vimeo video integration
  • Dynamic photo gallery creation
  • Powerful e-commerce plugins with credit card processing integration
  • Powerful SEO tools and in built statistical analysis
  • Simple Google analytics integration
  • Social media integration
  • Data collection tools
  • Dynamic feedback form creation
  • Dynamic page and menu management tools
  • Blog and user commenting systems

and there’s a lot more…

By using these tools our clients can easily make sure their websites are up to date and have impressive professionally designed content, without needing any design skills themselves.

Our in-house web developers regularly write their own WordPress plugins which means as a company we are able to offer any functionality requested by our clients. Our WordPress implementations are entirely separated from the design process. This means that within the realms of HTML programming, our sites will look exactly the way our clients and designers decide, pixel perfect. It also means that when you decide it’s time for a website facelift to re-energise old looking websites, we can keep the content management CMS system backbone, changing only the front end and removing any need to rebuild the website platform from scratch.



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