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Development. For most web design agencies, this starts and ends with coding. But we like to think we know better.

With our 360° approach to websites and apps, development extends beyond coding, influencing precursive steps such as branding and design. It also bleeds through into promotion and analysis, providing our customers with tools to enable them to perform regular marketing and analytic processes.

For us, development means flexibility. If you have an existing manufacturing process, or fulfilment system, the new eCommerce store we’re creating needs to seemlessly fit. We’ll jump through your holes, so you can run as efficiently and effectively as possible, rather than us developing solutions which you need to modify you behaviour for (although we will of course tell you if there are more efficient ways where they exist to help bolster your productivity).

When we talk about development, we usually mean website or app development, and more often than not these days, the ability to run these regardless of the type, size or manufacturer of the device your customers wish to access your websites and apps on.

The majority of our systems are based on a CMS system, be it entirely bespoke or build upon an already proven platform such as WordPress. These allow us to create complex functionality that can be managed by the customer in their simple and familiar administration terminal and allow our customers to create new and engaging content, from any device and at any time, without the need for support from us to keep their content fresh and relevant.

Using the same philosophy of creating exceptionally powerful tools with simple management, we develop eCommerce solutions directly integrated with your CMS, your chosen payment service provider to take online payments, even your logistics partner to automatically book courier collections into an automated dispatch process.

Most importantly of all, our developers work in house, based in London and interact constantly with our design, promotion and other teams to ensure we produce the correct product to meet both your requirements and those of your customers.

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