User Experience (UX)

Smart, smooth UX design starts with the user journey

Your customer’s goals are our top priority: this is the basic principle of UX (User Experience) design, also known as user centered design. Everything about your online presence should serve your target users, whether that’s making a great first impression, showing off your star products, or guiding them smoothly through a detailed process.

Users come in many kinds and will approach your website in different ways. Creating simple and clear user experiences is vital to keep users interested and progressing through your website, from home page message through to your call to action, be it a contact form or placing an order. We’ll map out the behavior of various user types, from the curious browser who’s heard of your company and is first looking you up, to the information seeker who clicks through from a search result, to the loyal customer who wants to make a repeat order.

We draw on our initial research to consider each of the journeys your users will take through the site, and design the system around their experience. As ever, the key is simplicity and clarity of message, navigation and design. It’s easy to make a website overly complicated and difficult to navigate. Creating the zen-like user experience is more difficult, but ultimately more valuable and rewarding to achieve.

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