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The days of the desktop website are over. With two thirds of us now owning tablet and SmartPhone mobile devices, and three quarters of those using their mobile and tablet devices every day for searching products and services and purchasing online, not having a site to cater for this growing population is leading to customer frustration and loss of engagement and sales for businesses.

Ensuring that your website looks great on the mobile device a customer is accessing your site from using responsive web design is key. 61% of users who visit a mobile-unfriendly website are likely to go to a competitor’s website, so your site needs to keep their attention, whether they access you from and Apple, Android, Windows or other device.

It starts of course, with responsive web design. Our graphics team will design three versions of the website, desktop, tablet and phone however each of these categories features an ever expanding list of devices, so within each category, we build in responsive transitions to maximise the space afforded to the design on each device, providing the clearest and simplest user experience without the need to “pinch to zoom” or endlessly scroll to get to the menu.

We’ll build in the clever of images to ensure loading times (especially over the 3G networks) are kept strictly to a minimum, replace old hover effects and other design elements such as multi-level scrolling that only work on desktops and make sure complex processes are kept simple and useble on devices with smaller screens and lower resolutions.

It’s time to engage with your mobile audience.

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