Original artwork created to a bespoke brief will always feel more professional than using “fake” looking stock imagery. We have a team of formally trained illustrators whose passion is starting the design process with a pen and blank piece paper.

Bespoke illustrations are useful for cartoons, presentations, info graphics, banners and adverts. If a picture can say a thousand words then a bespoke illustration will say a the right thousand words.

Our in-house illustration department love to create bespoke designs that appeal to young, fun and technically savvy audiences. Our illustrators work closely with our clients to create illustrations for logos, illustrated marketing materials, illustrated stationery, even fully illustrated comic books! Our illustrators have even designed and then hand painted restaurant interiors and always to critical acclaim.

Once an illustration has been created, we’re able to pass the it on to our animation team, to bring the illustration to life on-line. From superheros to photo-to-illustration portraits to corporate stylised reporting illustrations and graphs, our design team are on hand to create a unique piece for you. Traditionally animated illustrations have been created in flash, but in response to the explosion in the mobile market Xanda now render our animations in html5 which is perfectly compatible with all modern devices.

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