Since our first animated Flash websites, Xanda’s websites have featured animations to introduce, explain and bring to life our clients’ products and services. Whilst a picture paints a thousand words, an animation can explain entire concepts and services within a short clip. Our animation and illustration teams have 15 years experience in condensing lengthy text explanations for services and products and turning them into interactive or linear animations.

As with all our design processes, we don’t limit our client’s animation design time with the project, so our clients’ have a fixed cost to work with and access to the animation for use with various media and materials as they require. Instead, we run a number of fixed phases to allow our designers to work with you on a focused path to create the final animation.

Firstly, we’ll run through the requirement and ideas you have, creating a number of basic storyboard ideas. Once the idea has been decided upon, we’ll storyboard and script the entire animation and allow you to tweak the storyboard before proceeding to sign off.

Once the storyboard is signed off and no more changes can be made, the animation will be build and then tailored to the format required for use, be it HTML5, Flash or video based. We’ve created animations in Flash, HTML5, or to video using stop-motion, digital 2D and digital 3D animation suites, and look forward to adding animation to your website.


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