Everyone has an opinion on design, there’s no getting away from that. People like design for different reasons. The founder of a 30 year old company might prefer the designs of old, the designs that made their company cutting edge when starting out. The sales team might prefer designs to maximise their sales potential. When all these opinions come together in a business when the existing design ethos is looking tired and needs refreshing, it can be tough to know where to start.

At Xanda, our graphics teams have worked on projects for companies both big and small, from small one man bands to muilti-national organisations with Marketing Communication teams. We’ve designed websites and apps of course, but also exhibition stands, shop facias and awnings, even a management tool for one of the UK’s largest call centres.

With all this under our belts, our experience tell us one thing: design around your customer, user centred design. Designs that are so simple and intuitive, that even web novices understand how to use your website or app or software. Designs so simple, that people don’t think twice about taking the time to place an order, or create an account, or fill in a survey.

It sound simple, however when you combine the complexity of the “connected world” and various often conflicting internal design views, it can be easy to fall into the trap of trying to appease everyone bar the one most important user, the customer, especially when considering a website redesign or more intricate design work for a responsive web design.

By taking the time to plan the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) with you, and explaining why some elements or thinking are simply no longer suitable for the website or app project, we’ll soon establish a simple and effective experience for your customers, one that will be designed to ultimately

  • increase your customer base
  • improve client retention
  • maximise online revenue
  • and boost customer engagement.

Of course, in our 360° approach, the designers will already be working with the development team well in advance to marry the plans to realistic end-user experiences and our promotions team will feed promotional ideas into the mix to tie all the elements together.

Design and design trends are critical in enhancing the user experience, and giving the correct impression to customers, both existing and potential.


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