Brand guidelines

Consistency and reinforcement of your corporate branding

A brand guidelines document is the rule book for how your corporate branding should be applied to all printed materials. By producing and following a brand guidelines document you can enforce brand consistency across all your businesses printed and promotional materials. This in turn helps to add value to your brand through by increasing the opportunities brand establishment and then ultimately recognition.

Brand guidelines document

We like to offer a brand guidelines document to all clients that commission us to develop their branding although we are also happy to create the document for clients that have an established logo they are happy with.

Typically the document will include:

  • logos
  • rules for the usage of logos
  • fonts
  • rules for the usage of fonts (headlines, titles, sub titles, body text and footnotes)
  • permitted colours (for texts and design layouts)
  • permitted shapes for design layouts
  • strap-lines and slogans
  • usage rules for strap-lines and slogans
  • rules for the deployment of imagery

After creation we will encourage that all future corporate designs are created in line with the instructions and rules laid out by the brand guidelines document. By referring to it designers will find it easier to create the materials requested of them.

The brand guidelines document should be provided to anyone who wishes to use your logo. It’s sets out the clear rules you wish to enforce, to make sure that no matter where or how a cutomer see’s your logo or brand, it’s instantly recognisable and triggers that memory to make that call, or make that purchase.

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