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How do you think of your business? Do you think of it as having a striking or a subtle visual approach, a chatty or an authoritative tone of voice? If your branding and styling doesn’t match your approach, your customer interactions will be confused and send out the wrong message.

In order to build strong and lasting relationships with customers, you need to be targeting the right customers, and getting them interested from the moment they see or hear your brand. A strong and cohesive brand approach over multiple channels helps to reinforce the message and build trust in your company.

As a design agency, we fully understand the power that strong brand management brings to an organisation. Xanda’s in-house designers are well versed in brand creation and have taken branding through to company stationery, brochure, national press advertisements as well as building and vehicular sign writing.

Corporate branding creation starts with you


We’ll work with you to establish your values, goals, and voice and compare that to others within your industry. We’ll find out what’s historically worked and what hasn’t, and we’ll merge this with your customer segments you need to reach, establishing demographics to clearly target.

We’ll then take this research to start the creative branding process with you, from brand colour palettes, iconography, typography even to style with which you write content, be they offline in brochures or online for product documentation or blogs. As we build all these little elements together with one clear and common goal, we’ll establish your corporate branding with a voice than can be heard through the chatter of your competitors.

You can then run with your corporate branding as far and wide as you need to and of course, should you need to take that through to print or digital media production, our design teams can prepare all the materials you need.

Branding is so powerful, but with the busy day to day running of a business, it can be easily overlooked. Combining and harmonising branding over different mediums, be it print, web, TV or radio creates a memorable and instantly recognisable branding impression.

It all begins with a hello

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