Website needs analysis

What is it that you actually need from your website

You know what your business needs from your website, but what does your website need from your business, and what additional information does it need from your website partner?

With technology and markets changing, the needs of a website is constantly changing. By regularly running a website needs analysis, in conjunction with other analysis such as competitor and web trends, we can quickly identify areas where your website could be improved.

From user interface improvements to user experience enhancements, all the way through to improvements, our website needs analysis covers all areas.

We’ll report back to you on a vast array of indicators and metrics, including:

  • SEO issues and areas of improvement
    • Content relevancy
    • Keyword use and density
    • HTML and content structure
    • Sitemap and robot / crawler issues
    • Correct use of images
  • Page speed issues
    • Use of compression
    • Page and image sizes
    • Plugin and non-standard plug in sizes
    • Minification of code
  • Mobile usability
    • Media query responsiveness
    • Design issues at various resolutions
  • Server issues
    • Server vulnerability issues
    • Malware and phishing scanning
    • Directory listing or access issues
  • Social Media
    • Integration issues
    • Ability for uses to share your information
    • Activity checking

It’s a report that needs careful analysis and explaining, to simplify the jargon and explain the steps that can be taken to make real improvements to your site.

We’re offering this free currently to anyone, not just our customers, without obligation or hard sell. To see how your site could benefit from a website needs analysis and our other services within our 360 degree website offering, head for the contact page and get in touch.

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