Performance analysis

Consistent performance copes well under pressure

Technical performance is an important part of user experience. Customer conversion rates go up with snappy load times, and search engines include speed as a factor in their ranking algorithms.

Performance analysis covers a number of different aspects of your website, some technical, some functionality based and some content based. Once a website is live, performance analysis generates a report of how well your website is performing, which can be compared to your business needs and goals.

Most importantly, Xanda will then use these results to work with you to modify your site to improve performance.

For example, the content you have added to the site since launch may have missed your target keywords. Recent images you have uploaded may have been in their original high resolution which has increased a page load from 2 to 10 seconds. Or a big news story in your industry which has led to an upsurge in traffic may not have been added to our website, preventing you from capturing some of this new traffic.

Ongoing performance analysis is key to making sure your website is performing and continuing to perform at the highest levels, and we aren’t limited to websites we have created. We often start our relationship with new clients by assessing the performance of their site, building upon the success and cutting away the dead wood hampering the site.

It’s not a service that every website design agency offers, but we thinks it’s absolutely key within our 360 degree approach to website design.

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