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Making PPC pay dividends

It’s so easy to incorrectly target and focus your keywords and PPC campaigns, often with the result that you’re paying to high for a visit or paying for a visit that’s not a good fit for your business resulting in a bounce.

Targeting the right keywords for pay per click (PPC) advertising is vital to avoid wasting money for little or no return. Targeting keywords which are over subscribed can exhaust your campaign funds within hours, or if your not paying enough, mean that you’re simply not listed and wasting the opportunity. The same can be true for under subscribed keywords, in that the searches performed are so infrequent, that the advertising campaign window is wasted.

At Xanda, we’ll analyse at both ends of your PPC advertising campaign through keywords / PPC results. Before you go live, we’ll work with you to identify your keywords and review the advertising market for these. We’ll match these with your goals, budget and campaign length, to maximise the additional traffic during your campaign at a value you can afford.

During the campaign, we’ll monitor your keywords / PPC results, and advise where budgets that have been allocated to certain keywords are not being touched, diverting these funds to keywords which are generating traffic and leads.

At the end of the campaign we’ll then give you an overview of the success of the campaign, highlighting the lessons learned for you to use in future campaigns.

It’s all part of our 360 degree service, built around you and maximising the value you receive from your website and investment.

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