Competitor analysis

Staying ahead of the competition

As with any aspect of your business, keeping an eye on your competitors is always hugely advantageous in helping you to compete for potential business.

As a customer, would you insure your car with a company that didn’t offer no claim discounts? Would you want an account with a bank that didn’t offer a cash card with 24/7 access via cash machines? Competitor analysis is key to making sure that you’re service offering isn’t falling behind the times, becoming an inferior product when compared to other offerings in the market.

Online competitor analysis

The same principle applies with competitor analysis for websites. For example, if all your competitors are providing free and secure login areas to access their invoices, quotations and check their order history, chances are you’ll want to make sure you’re offering the same added value services to your primary offering, or risk potential clients from comparing the various companies online, and discounting your product for failing to match that on offer from other companies.

The analysis covers all aspects of websites, including design. Many websites now recognise the huge and growing trend of mobile adaptive and responsive sites, so that customers on the go can easily access your sites from their mobile devices. If this is common in your industry, it’s vital to have this option available.

Competitor analysis comes part and parcel with our 360 approach to websites and we’ll work with you to get as much feedback from you as possible, afterall, you’ll know your market best.

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