Analytic reports

Using real life user journeys to improve user experience

We all know that websites track our usage of their pages, but few of us know why. Detailed analysis of from analytic reports shows where the weaknesses in websites are. If a page isn’t being being accessed, can it be found from the menu? How has the latest online campaign affected traffic, and was it directed to the correct pages?

Understanding an optimising web usage created the best user experience (UX) for your customers, and research shows good UX leads to good leads and sales. Analytic reports are crucial in collecting and measuring web usage data, allowing for a website to be objectively reviewed and improved.

To ensure we’re offering the most accurate results, we offer both server based internal analytics and third party analytics for example Google analytics. By combining both into single, client focused analytic reports, we’re able to notice discrepancies and anomalies over and above the standard results.

Most websites will have some basic analytics, for example page and click counts, however we prefer to build in more advanced analytics where possible, for example setting goals and using analytics to see where customers dropped of from various goals. We can even link product and order value purchases into our analytic reports, allowing you to drill down into seasonal variations or news/event driven factors to help you forecast sales and inventory in the future.

Our analysis teams will guide you through the results, stripping out all the jargon and tech-speak and letting you know in plain English how your site is performing and how it can be improved to better results, goals and value to your business.

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