AB testing / heat mapping

Measured evolution of your site

There are two ways to evolve a site. Firstly there’s the fire and forget approach, redesign the site and user experience, upload it and hope for the best. Then there’s our approach, measured A/B testing and heat mapping.

A/B testing and heat maps are simple concepts. When introducing a change to a site, we can confirm if the new version generates improved results, be it conversion, time on site or reduced bounce rate.

We measure this in two ways. A/B testing allows two versions of the site to be run during a period, be it live or in a closed beta. Metrics can then be generated on the different versions, to validate the results of different layouts or functionality, or even simple changes such as a change in colour on the call to action buttons.

We can then use heat mapping, either on it’s own or in conjunction with AB testing to map how users behave on a website by following the mouse position and tracking clicks. The example below for example shows the classic “Google Triangle” higher clicks on the top results above the fold that taper down and reduce the further down the results listing sites appear.

Example Heat Map


The heat map validates that the design and site is focusing visitors to the important aspects on the site, be it a click to email call to action, account registration or online purchase.

By monitoring visitor behaviour and adapting the website functionality and design accordingly, the analysis phase of our 360 degree approach to websites maximises your opportunity to hit, adding the most value to your business.

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