Most agencies stop short of a vital service: results. We will analyse your results and use these to continually shape and improve your website’s productivity.

Whether you’re running an e-commerce store with a sales funnel to optimise, or a blog looking to keep visitors coming back with the help of a newsletter subscription, web analysis will show you how you’re doing.

Bringing third-party analytics to the party

Third-party solutions like Kissmetrics or Google Analytics offer insights into your customers’ behaviour, and all our website packages include server level statistics to give you instant access to how well your website and website promotions are running.

Anyone who visits your site will leave a trace of pages read, links clicked and time spent. We can integrate these solutions to track and provide analysis on the actions that really matter to you, and build these into a feedback loop to help you tailor your pay-per-click advertising campaigns or modify your search engine optimisations to capture traffic from keywords you’re not seeing any traffic from.

Our training gives you to tools to manage these directly from your content management system, with simple and easy to understand functionality to continually improve and develop your website.

With most web designers and customer’s still using the old “fire-and-forget” approach, we aim to excel by removing the cycle of allowing websites to become out of date and obsolete before a complete overhaul by providing continued analysis and recommendations for continual improvement.

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